Climbing Staff


KJ Maxwell Gym Manager

  1. I have 2 dogs and 2 kids
  2. I rode my bike across the United States
  3. I was born in the UK
  4. Besides climbing, I like mountain biking and running…sometimes
  5. I love cookies
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    Maria Monaco Gym Assistant Manager

    1. I have three amazing grown-up kids.
    2. I have a 3 legged dog who loves to hike and run with me.
    3. Besides climbing, I like to mountain bike, kayak, hike, and just be outside.
    4. I’m originally from Hollywood, CA.
    5. My first language was Portuguese.
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      Anique Johnson Program Coordinator

      1. I have two mini Aussies, Hatley Rue and Willa Bea.
      2. I am an avid participant in navigation and running races.
      3. Bend is my second home and where I would love to retire.
      4. I ❤ books!
      5. I’ve visited 27 countries.
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        Stella Moll-Nevins Membership Coordinator

        1. I live on Whidbey Island.
        2. I love talking to people about gardening, especially vegetable gardening.
        3. My husband and I are raising a son, a dog, 3 geese, and 10 chickens.
        4. It’s been a couple years since I have been in good climbing shape. I’m working on it. Don’t judge me.
        5. I love hearing dorky jokes. Please tell me some!
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          Kari Gillman Front Desk

          1. I did a 3000 mile road trip with my cat.
          2. My cat has been to the lookout on Pilchuck.
          3. I’ve flown with my cat.
          4. I hid my cat in the dorms at Western and multiple apartments without getting caught.
          5. My cat sleeps under the covers curled up next to my chest every night.

          6. cameron

            Cameron Dawson Front Desk

            1. I wrote and directed a play that has over 2 million views on YouTube.
            2. I have always lived in Mukilteo, WA.
            3. I can navigate Japanese Gulch blindfolded (As long as I’m barefooted).
            4. I am the director of a nonprofit.
            5. I am a Hedonist Philosopher.

            6. reed

              Reed Bishop Front Desk

              1. I have too many fish tanks.
              2. I’ve hiked to Everest Base Camp.
              3. I’ve lived in a Buddhist temple for two weeks.
              4. I paint miniatures in my free time.
              5. I’ve driven from the East Coast to the West Coast by myself in a week (without a cat).

              6. anna cohen

                Anna Cohen Front Desk

                1. I was born and raised in Oklahoma.
                2. I’m in a long-term relationship with my dog Tracy. She rocks.
                3. I’m a Fast and Furious fanatic.
                4. I’ve had bi-lateral shoulder surgery.
                5. I’m an early riser.

                6. Jeremiah Nason Youth Program Instructor

                  1. I helped create a national outdoor brand.
                  2. I am a semi-professional car dweller.
                  3. I have been told that I am a combination of Matthew McConaughey and Owen Wilson.
                  4. I run an Air BnB in Chattanooga, TN from Seattle.
                  5. Ron Swanson is my hero.

                  6. Devin Bishop Head Instructor

                    Shae Mitchel Youth Program Instructor

                    1. I’ve been on the climbing team for 5 years.
                    2. I enjoy seeing concerts and live music.
                    3. I have a dog named Thor.
                    4. I know sign language.
                    5. I really like Marvel movies.

                    6. Anna Kruse Youth Program Instructor