VW North FAQs

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From the desk of Richard Johnston. Re: Vertical World North

 In an effort to address the majority of questions posed, we present to you:

 Vertical World North F.A.Q.s  August 6th Edition


Where is the gym located?

12300 Beverly Park Road Lynnwood, WA 98087

When will the gym open?

The top-rope and lead walls are now open! We have cardio equipment on the floor and ready to go. The rest of the fitness equipment will be filtering in over the next few weeks. The bouldering section of the gym will be contingent on an additional round of permitting for that specific area, and will not be a part of the soft-opening. The bouldering will come as soon as possible afterwards. Please stay tuned.

How large is the bouldering area?

Our bouldering area will be available after the soft opening time period & will be around 6500 square feet.

What will your hours be?

During our soft opening, we will be open Mon-Thurs 4 pm-11 pm, Fri 6 am-11 pm, Sat & Sun 8 am-8 pm.

What will your rates be?

Membership: $69

Punch card: $171

Day pass: $19

Rates will be increasing across the board for our North & Seattle locations after the soft opening.

What kind of cardio & weight equipment will be available?

We will have the majority of our cardio-equipment in place upon the soft opening, with additional cardio and free weights getting added on as the project progresses.

If I have a membership at one of your other locations, will I be able to climb at North?

If you have an All-Access membership, you can climb at any Vertical World. If you have a Redmond-Only membership, you will need to pay for a day pass or upgrade to All-Access.

If I have a membership at North can I climb at the other gyms?

Yes. The North membership will be an All-Access pass.

Can I sign up for an annual, paid-in-full membership?

Yes, this is the cost of 12 months of an EFT membership.

Do we offer military discounts?

Yes, with ID, current military members and veterans get a 10% discount on memberships, day passes, 30-day passes, and punch cards.

Will there be any membership specials/grand opening deals?

Not for the grand opening, but we do offer specials on an annual, company-wide basis throughout the year.

Will you have walls for small children?

Eventually we will have a child-specific zone, but prior to that, during the soft opening, we will make sure to have a juggy slab wall available.

How many auto-belays will be available?

During the soft opening we will have up to 10.

Are you hiring?

We have currently have all positions filled, but please send your resumes to kj@verticalworld.com, as we are reviewing and hanging on to resume’s for the near future.

How do I get started climbing?

Please refer to our web page. http://north.verticalworld.com/climbing/adult-programs-and-classes/

How high are the walls?

The tallest walls are 50 feet and vary to 40 feet.

Can I use gift cards purchased at other locations at this gym? What if I purchased one at the Everett location?

Yes, your Vertical World gift cards are valid at all locations.